My name is Delphine (it sounds slightly like dolphin, in case you were wondering), I’m a French girl of Chinese descent in my 20s currently studying for a Masters degree in intercultural communication and translation.

I’m a food enthuasiast, I like to cook and eat almost equally, and nothing beats the feeling of having a full stomach! In my free time, I mainly enjoy watching animes, chatting with my friends online and playing video games. I’ve taken a strong liking to crochet too.

Recently, journaling has been a pretty big hobby of mine and it provided me an excuse to buy more stationery hehe!

Delphinitely.me (previously kurae.three-words.net until 02/07/2013) is my personal blog powered by WordPress since 05/23/2011 (without the various resets), kindly hosted by Misaki. The domain name is a bad pun between Delphine, my first name and the English adverb definitely since they sound alike.

I started blogging and making websites in my teens, owning various blogs up  to today but since I’m not exactly good at keeping blogs, I have periods of hiatus but I can’t quit blogging! Blogging is a way to reminisce things for me and also to share things I like with other people so this blog will still remain around for a good while!

The current theme is Organic Food by Hipster Themes that I’ve tweaked a bit.