About Delphine

My name is Delphine (it sounds slightly like dolphin, in case you were wondering), I’m a French girl of Chinese descent in my 20s currently studying for a Masters degree in intercultural communication and translation.

I’m a food enthuasiast, I like to cook and eat almost equally, and nothing beats the feeling of having a full stomach! In my free time, I mainly enjoy watching animes, chatting with my friends online and playing video games. I’ve taken a strong liking to crochet too.

Recently, journaling has been a pretty big hobby of mine and it provided me an excuse to buy more stationery hehe!

If you need to contact me for any reason, please use the contact form.


About the blog

Delphinitely.me (previously kurae.three-words.net until 02/07/2013) is my personal blog powered by WordPress since 05/23/2011 (without the various resets), kindly hosted by Misaki. The domain name is a bad pun between Delphine, my first name and the English adverb definitely since they sound alike.

I started blogging and making websites in my teens, owning various blogs up  to today but since I’m not exactly good at keeping blogs, I have periods of hiatus but I can’t quit blogging! Blogging is a way to reminisce things for me and also to share things I like with other people so this blog will still remain around for a good while!

The current theme is one of my making, designed in Photoshop CS6 and coded in Atom. The picture of a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on top featured on the sidebar was taken by me. I ordered that small delicious chocolate lava cake when I was eating out at Chez Lili et Marcel in Paris! The blog’s background pattern is from Shizoo.

My profile picture on this page is made from a drawing of Sugawara Koushi (Haikyuu!!) that I commissionned from Rie on April 2017.