Finding my way back

Guess who’s crawling back to blogging? I’ve been thinking for a while about it and finally decided I wanted to be active again! Hopefully, better organized than before and with new content to offer. I missed reading people’s blogs too…

Almost over a month ago, I started learning crochet and I really like it! I chose to make a polar bear based on mohù’s pattern and I really had hard time understanding the instructions at the beginning but fortunately Elysa helped me through it. I made a scarf and a beanie after that, and am currently working on a lion plushie!

I started playing Touken Ranbu Online around the same time as well, dragged into hell convinced by Aku ! This game is frustrating because a lot of things are random in it and it involves a lot of grinding as well… But seeing my collection of sword boys makes me forget my saltiness~ My inner reki-jo is happy!

Well, I don’t know what I can say anymore so I’ll leave it at that for the moment, but expect updates soon 🙂


  • Rezina

    I’m so glad you’re back to blogging!! I hope you’ve been doing well too 🙂

    That polar bear is so cute! I used to do a lot of amigurumi but stopped. But looking at the pattern makes me want to start it again, haha.

    Looking forward to your updates!

    • Delphine

      Thank you Michelle 🙂

      Yeah! Sometimes when I feel like it becomes a chore, I prefer to take a break but I still love blogging in the end so I always come back eventually :3 I have a lot to catch up on other blogs >o<

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