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    Hamburg – Day 2 to 4

    I can’t believe it took me more than a whole month to post that but there you go :’DDDD At the beginning I decided to combine Day 2 and Day 3 together because they weren’t as packed as Day 1 and Day 4, but in the end I’m just going to post everything haha!

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    Hamburg – Day 1

    Hello guys! I went to Hamburg from 08/19 to 08/22 to visit my friends, Julia and Ornella, who are doing their internship in a translation company there and I promised myself to blog about it while it’s still fresh in my memory! It’s my 2nd time in the city and it was much more memorable than the 1st time, 6 years ago. Germany is a country I really like and this is definitely not my last time there! Since I was really busy writing a paper for school (yes, in the middle of August haha), I didn’t really have time to actually plan a schedule in advance so I just…

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    Let’s keep going

    If you’ve been following me long enough, you might have noticed I’m definitely really bad at keeping a blog despite trying. This is another nth come back, I guess haha! Hmm, I haven’t been up to anything special to be honest. Ah, I changed themes too. It took so long because I’m still quite bad at coding for WordPress and without Masao‘s help, I doubt I’d have finished anything at all! Thank you so much again 😭💖