(tl;dr) some kind of reflection on year abroad

My year abroad in Beijing left me little time and motivation to think about blogging and my online life in general but I can’t say I didn’t try. Although it was refreshing of letting everything go for a while, I started missing blogging and felt guilty to have left all my websites in a corner of my mind ever since I came back to Paris, more than a month ago.

After being lazy for enough time, I decided to finally revamp some of my websites, like this blog that has a new layout after God knows how long! As I was still too lazy to code anything by myself, it was a hassle to find a new WP theme but I managed to, in the end lol

China was really something, the culture shock was bigger than what I thought it would be and there are things I still can’t get over but broadening one’s horizons is always good. The many different landscapes you can find in only one country was also an amazing aspect.

This past year kinda felt like I paused my life since my environment changed.

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Too much stuff to pack

Long time no update, I’m currently packing my things since I’ll be going back to France for winter break next Monday. The first semester ended and the dorms are progressively emptying themselves, everyone is going back home or travelling. I went shopping for gifts to give friends and family, I did get a few things but I guess that the person to whom I got the most things was… myself. Yeah, I’m a bit shameless. Anyway, if I don’t find something for some people now, I’ll just get them before I leave Beijing for good.

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