Panic in the kitchen!

The smog made its come back a few days ago and it was pretty gross looking. The exceptionnal good weather we had during APEC is now long forgotten, it was too good to last anyway. Campus internet is crappy as ever and I have a ton of homework I didn’t even start doing, uhh life hasn’t been easy recently.

We managed to join a Chinese cooking course with some of my friends in October via a cultural association on campus and last Saturday was the last lesson of the course. This course was very fun to attend and felt really gratifying! During each lesson, we experimented a different style of Chinese cuisine by making two famous dishes of that style then we got to eat the food we made afterwards. Nothing better than free lunch! Especially when you made it yourself, right?

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Hi, it’s been a while. It’s been already almost 3 months that I’m here, in Beijing! Everything is fine although I still have stuggle getting used to some things like people clearing their throats loudly to spit on the ground afterwards or cringy public toilets… At least, I like this city more than what I expected to and that’s pretty cool!

A lot of things happened since my arrival obviously, but in a nutshell : I took the time to visit the most touristic spots of the city during the first week before school started, then I celebrated my 21st birthday with my classmates and also my friends, went to YG Family’s concert last month. I managed to break/lose 2 phones meanwhile (+ forgot my camera in France), so that’s why I don’t have many pictures for this post…

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