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    Let’s keep going

    If you’ve been following me long enough, you might have noticed I’m definitely really bad at keeping a blog despite trying. This is another nth come back, I guess haha! Hmm, I haven’t been up to anything special to be honest. Ah, I changed themes too. It took so long because I’m still quite bad at coding for WordPress and without Masao‘s help, I doubt I’d have finished anything at all! Thank you so much again 😭💖

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    Hi, it’s been a while. It’s been already almost 3 months that I’m here, in Beijing! Everything is fine although I still have stuggle getting used to some things like people clearing their throats loudly to spit on the ground afterwards or cringy public toilets… At least, I like this city more than what I expected to and that’s pretty cool! A lot of things happened since my arrival obviously, but in a nutshell : I took the time to visit the most touristic spots of the city during the first week before school started, then I celebrated my 21st birthday with my classmates and also my friends, went to…