2018, here I come!!

Hey folks, it’s been a while ! I guess the end of the year is a good time to pop up here haha ! I feel like I didn’t do much in 2017, yet when I look back for the sake of writing this post, still a lot has happened.

The blog hasn’t been very active this year either but I came to accept it in the end. For a long time I was feeling really guilty of not updating it more often but I don’t think I could close this blog anytime soon. I would like to say thank you to people who still bother reading it and commenting it, you’re the best! I’m going to try harder in 2018 to keep up with everyone’s blog and read new blogs too 🙂


Important events of 2017

Well, 2017 was more eventful but I decided to focus on those three aspects:

Internship + Apprenticeship – 2017 has been a busy year school-wise! In summer, I did a 3-month internship in a service of an university that catered to its foreign students. It was a nice experience and I really liked my colleagues there but sometimes I felt slightly overqualified for the job. I stopped the internship one week before its end because I have been recruited as an apprentice in a energy firm for 2017-2018 where I take care of various translation work and provide support in internal communication tasks. To be honest, alternating between school and work has been tough but I’m trying to do my best to manage 💦

Travelling – My only trip abroad was in Hamburg 🇩🇪 this year, about which I blogged more extensively here and there. I also had a small weekend trip in France 🇫🇷 with my boyfriend and other friends at the end of September. We visited a few of the many famous castles of the Loire Valley. I didn’t find the motivation to blog about it but it was really great!

I wish I could have travelled more and longer but it was impossible due to me being on internship the whole summer and also because of my apprenticeship right now. While normal students are on break, I still need to work at my company but I can take time off like any other employee. Hopefully, a big trip is in planning for 2018 ❗❗

Self-confidence and feeling confortable – In 2017, I became more confident in my appearance by caring less about it. It works so far.

First, I came to fully accept my face without makeup. I started putting makeup on when I was in high school because I liked it! But for many years it was really impossible to go out without wearing any, even to do grocery shopping 5 minutes away from home, but now I do almost every day. It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy makeup anymore, I still do but I’m lazy to take 30 minutes of my time every morning for it and I don’t feel pressured to do it. I think I watched too many drastic before/after makeup videos at that time and became a bit afraid that people would judge me like people in comments if they saw me without makeup.

With this, I also came to accept my skin problems. I have mild-moderate acne and post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation marks, but that’s okay I don’t feel as bad about it.

When it comes to clothes, I prefer being confortable over looking stylish if I can’t be both, while it would have been the other way round before. I used to loathe sneakers (aside of Chuck Taylors) when I was younger but I can’t wear anything else now.

For a long time, I refused to tie my hair because I felt like it would make my face look very big. It was something I would never do except at home (not even during PE class, or rarely). Now, I’m okay with it and it’s super convenient! Especially during bad hair days.

I don’t think that being in a relationship was the main factor that explains this acceptance but it definitely contributed in my case. Before, I was at a point where I didn’t hate myself but I didn’t “love” myself either because of my insecurities, I’d say I just liked myself enough. Being loved by someone who embraced everything about me (I’m lucky to have the best boyfriend I could wish for) made me less self-conscious in a way, I suppose, and that’s a good thing because it made me stronger somehow.

People who can’t accept you as you are + relationships that don’t you bring anything good need to go away.

Assessment of goals set in 2017

Read 📚 – I finished reading a total of 3 books this year (aside of manga volumes and other comics), while it might sound ridiculous, it’s a lot for someone like me… I’m quite far from being a bookworm. I hope I can continue in the same direction next year! (… I need to charge my Kindle too💦)



Exercise 🔩 I can’t say I exercised as much as I initially wanted to but I did exercise so that’s still some progress. I mainly did some fitness videos at home and I also tried Swedish Fit, even though it’s been a while I haven’t gone to a session.

Spend less 💸 I feel like this is more or less accomplished in general. I spent a lot less on things like clothes or makeup compared to the previous years and I started saving money seriously. On the other hand, I also had more income than in 2016.

Eat healthy 🍴 This has been going well for the first half of the year but kinda downhill from there, especially at the end of the year :’) Who can say no to raclette parties in winter??? 🧀 Not me.

Manage free time wisely ⏳ I guess it’s a fail lol

Keep up with my Hobonichi 📝 I think I did a nice job overall for the year even though I barely did anything in November and December.

My 2017 Top 5 fav spreads (no order in particular) ⬇️



Goals for 2018

Save money 💰 I already started since the beginning of my apprenticeship and it’s been going well so far. I intend to use this money for future plans but also pay back my student loan.

Graduate from school 👩‍🎓 Because it’s finally about damn time! I still have no definite idea of what I’ll be doing after though, I tell myself that I’ll figure out when time comes.

Go to Japan ✈🇯🇵 I’m feeling really silly for saying this but going on a trip to Japan is close to being a dream to me (the weeaboo in me is back) and we’ve been talking about this a lot with my boyfriend in 2017. We’re set to go during August and we already thought about the general outline of your trip but we’ll plan more seriously as soon as we buy the plane tickets.

Draw more ✏️ Aside of the occasional drawing for my journal, I didn’t get to draw a lot of anything else. My goal for 2018 would be to finish a sketchbook for real and not buying any before finishing the one I started. Maybe 2 or 3 finished illustrations too.

I guess the two pieces of work below are the only decent worth of showing for 2017… (thumbmails) 💦💦💦





Feeling more self-confident 💪– I still don’t know how I’m going to achieve this but I’ll find out haha

Finish reading at least 5 books (aside of comics/manga) 📚– I decided to set an number of books for 2018, I thought it might be more efficient. I’m open to any book recs 😀

Keep up with my Hobonichi 📝– This one hasn’t changed since I got a new one that I can’t wait to use! I also got a Hobonichi Weeks planner (with the hedgehogs) and a whole bunch of stuff from the 2018 online store, I’m ready to face this new year hehe

Last but not least, I’m really thankful to be alive and surrounded by so many awesome people in my life both online and offline. My best wishes for 2018 to you all, thanks for reading this text wall 💓 (Featured image: Saz B on Unsplash)


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  • Miha

    December 30, 2017 at 1:07 am

    on dirait que 2017 était plutôt une bonne année pour toi ♥ ton journal est trop beau ! perso je suis super contente qu’on se soit revues cette année, j’ai l’impression que ça faisait longtemps. et j’espère vraiment que tu pourras aller au Japon en 2018, ce serait génial !

  • Rezina

    December 30, 2017 at 1:56 am

    Congrats on getting your apprenticeship! I can also understand the difficulties of alternating between school and work, since I personally fail to juggle work & school at the same time, haha. I always admire people who manage to juggle more than one thing on their plate, yet still do their best.

    Congrats on all your accomplishments! And self-confidence is great. I agree that caring less about how you look or really, caring less about how others think you look goes a long way. And I think it’s also awesome that you have someone who accepts and loves and appreciates you for who you are. My sister really likes this show called Bob’s Burger and she always likes to tell herself, “You’re a smart, strong, sensual woman.” I think we should tell this to ourselves all the time!

    Also congrats on reading 3 books! It’s easy to think about numbers, but I know plenty of people who haven’t finished one book (aside from books for school) because they “think” they don’t like reading, when it’s probably just they haven’t found the right book yet. Reading in general is great and awesome and wonderful and a bunch of other positive adjectives!!

    Your Hobonichi looks really nice! I like all the illustrations and photographs.

    Good luck on all your 2018 goals! And I’m glad you’re not closing your blog xD!

    1. Rezina

      December 30, 2017 at 1:58 am

      Oh! And also (not like my comment isn’t long enough lol) I’m also really glad we got to exchange cards this year! We should of course definitely do it again next year! I did an art exchange with Cat this past year, so maybe we can also do one of those together!

  • Rin

    December 31, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    I’ve always wanted to do internships but I’m doubting myself whether I could handle both school and work lol. The idea of having a part-time job during school days was already a no-no for me because I was afraid I couldn’t keep up with all the work I had to do and end up letting my grades drop. Haha :’)

    I think it’s really nice to have someone who loves you for who you are without judging your appearances and all that. I only started using makeups when I entered the university (which was a year ago) and it’s really hard for me to not use it because everyone here uses it lol (acne sucks). RIP, my self-confidence.

    I love your hobonichi spreads and your doodles are so adorable. I barely have time to doodle these days, ackk.

    Best wishes for 2018 to you too!

  • Kassy

    January 2, 2018 at 7:24 am

    Sometimes life happens, and you don’t have the time to blog. There is nothing wrong with that at all and I think it happens to many of us at some point in time. 🙂

    Even though it has been hard between work and school, you should be really proud that you are working so hard. 😀

    Hopefully, you will be able to do a lot of travelling in 2018! 😀 😀

    Awww. So fantastic that you have learned to love yourself and not feel the need to wear makeup. *high five*

    Best of luck with all of your goals in 2018! 🙂

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