Hamburg – Day 2 to 4

I can’t believe it took me more than a whole month to post that but there you go :’DDDD At the beginning I decided to combine Day 2 and Day 3 together because they weren’t as packed as Day 1 and Day 4, but in the end I’m just going to post everything haha!


Day 2

Julia didn’t feel really well so I spent the day with Ornella only. We went to the same coffeeshop than on Day 1 (Speicherstadt) to treat ourselves to a nice brunch! The waiter who catered to us again even said “Bonjour!” to us, haha. It was cute!

After our meal, we went to the Kunsthalle of Hamburg, it’s a museum with a lot of paintings. At first, I thought it was small but I realized my mistake as I went through the numerous galleries of the ground floor.

I fell asleep on a bench they put in the middle of a room so people can admire the paintings as I was publishing a picture on Instagram while waiting for my friend haha! I woke up because my body was going to fall off the bench, thank God there was no one around… Our visit ended because we were both incredibly sleepy (food coma), it lasted a bit more than 2hrs and we only managed to visit the (whole) ground floor. It was a shame but, the museum was so huge!

We bought a few souvenirs before leaving and going to Ornella’s place to chill a bit. Our plan was to go to Miniatur Wunderland, a model railway attraction but we arrived too late to actually enjoy the whole place before its closing so in the end, we just headed back home to have dinner. I ate some canned ravioli hahaha.


Day 3

I wanted to go to the planetarium in the morning to see a show, so I just headed there but once I arrived at the front desk they told me I had to buy tickets in advance… I was kind of bummed out but well, it’s true that I didn’t plan that whole trip thoroughly and efficiently anyway (I had a very important paper to write for school and the deadline was on the day of the departure haha), so I just bought a ticket for a show taking place the following day.

The weather wasn’t really nice but I took a stroll in the Stadtpark, where the planetarium was located, then sat on a bench to finish writing the few postcards I needed to send on the last day. A while later, rain chased me away and I was off to meet my two friends for lunch near their internship place.

We ate Italian food at Osteria, which is a chain of restaurants similar to Vapiano somehow. It was quite noisy as there was a lot of people enjoying their lunch. I ordered some raviolis filled with spinach and ricotta, one of my favorite, and a basil lemonade. Actually, I didn’t know it was a basil lemonade since it was called Osteria Lemonade, but it was a pleasant surprise! It was strange but refreshing nonetheless.

After lunch I wanted to visit Chocoversum, a chocolate museum, but I was a bit short of money so I just went to Planten un Blomen, a park near where we ate, and just casually took a nap on a chair there until 4PM. I don’t think I would have done this in Paris but, oh well. Then I did some window shopping while waiting for my friends who went back to work.

We went to the Elbphilarmonie, a concert hall with a peculiar shape located near the harbor! You can go at the top of it for free and enjoy a very nice view of Hamburg, and that’s what we did. It was a bit crowded though.

After this, we went grocery shopping and bought some sushi boxes for dinner. They were delicious!


Day 4

I went to the Planetarium for the show, and I was the only tourist at the show! The audience was full of German people but I was given an audioguide anyway. The lady at the reception was nice until she told me the audioguide device was a bit wacky because “you know, it was made in China!”… Well, that wasn’t really funny. I didn’t want to cause a scene so I just shrugged it off.

Everything was pretty but the audio guide stopped at the half of the show because the latter half was commented by an actual person so I couldn’t understand very well what was going on. In the end, it wasn’t really worth it.

After this, I ate my packed lunch and dropped my postcards at the post office before heading to Miniatur Wunderland! It’s a model railway attraction located in the city center (near Elbphilarmonie) and I have to say that it was my favorite place of the whole trip.

This is legit the best place I had so far for nice pictures!! Everything on the pictures is miniature scenery but it looks so real, it’s very impressing! The work that modellists put in their work left me in awe, they even have day/night cycles so we can see what the scenery looks like at evening/night (like on the 4th picture) but I didn’t take pics of night scenery because it would have looked lousy with my phone camera.

I had so much fun, but I had to leave, so I relunctantly made my way back to Julia’s flat to pack my stuff. It didn’t take long since I didn’t bring a lot of luggage to begin with. I also went to the nearest grocery store to buy a lot of Ritter Sport chocolate before joining my friends to eat dinner.

Of course, the last thing I did during this trip was to eat a potato:

My trip to Germany reached its end and I hope it won’t be my last time in this wonderful country! There is so much I haven’t seen 😀 Stay tuned for more adventures hopefully!

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  • Lethe

    October 6, 2017 at 9:18 am

    omg I love all the different locations you visited – it seems like such a nice mix! <3 These mesmerizing pics made me recall 1-2 places with miniature models that I went to as a kid. ;_; <3 I hope I get to see one with day/night cycles one day too!!

  • Pauline

    October 20, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Ehh, that sucks that you couldn’t watch the show because you needed to buy tickets in advance! I’m glad that you got to explore anyway! MY MOUTH IS WATERING after seeing that italian omg, I haven’t had italian food in forever (it’s my fave!)

    Glad to hear you had a good time!

  • Rezina

    October 20, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    Haha that is cute that the waiter said “bonjour” to you! Also LOL at falling asleep on the bench! You must have been super tired to fall asleep so randomly haha.

    And omg at that casual racism/micro aggression… I experience that at my workplace too and it’s always like :/ Please educate yourself a little because you’re being kind of offensive…

    Wow at those models! The amount of detail is super amazing. I can’t imagine how long all of those must have took!

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Don’t worry too much about posting often, haha. It’s always nice to hear from you, even occasionally!

  • Michelle

    October 24, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    Gorgeous! I would love to visit Hamburg! It looks so beautiful and makes me wanna travel-almost.

  • Kya

    November 14, 2017 at 6:47 am

    Miniatur Wunderland looks absolutely amazing! I am fascinated by mini things so I can understand not wanting to leave! Especially when it seems like everything has been crafted so well. 😀

    I hope you can return again soon! 🙂

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