November 2022: The Recap

November is already over! It was a rather quiet month, but not without a few events!

Put A Drag On Your Way

It’s been a while since I went to a drag show! The last one being Manilla Luzon’s back in 2018 (I think). Put A Drag On Your Way is a cabaret-style show with drag queens and fancy food. Basically, the venue serves you dinner and you eat while watching a drag performance.

The dinner was 4-course menu! The food was very plant-based for most part, with substitutes for vegetarians and vegans. I found the inclusivity of the meal very considerate on the chef’s end 🙂

Amuse-bouche: Beetroot, pomegranate, avocado and liquorice | Entrée: White cabbage sheet, pear, walnuts, lovage and caviar

Main dish: Bass filet with roasted parsnip, cashew nuts, coriander and parsnip purée | Dessert: Rainbow mille-feuille, hazelnut praline, squash seeds, squash cream and vanilla vinegar sauce

I already knew some queens who were headlining the show, because they took part in the first season of Drag Race France (our version of RPDG), but it was such a delight to get to know new performers! The performances were very diverse: singing, dancing, comedy… Each queen had their own amazing thing. I had a lot of fun watching them! Everyone was so pretty and talented…


On Saturday 19th, I went to see the 2022 revival of Starmania! It was my first time seeing a musical in France, actually. (I’ve seen The Phantom of the Opera in West End before)

Starmania is considered to be the first French-language musical (which wasn’t adapted from a US musical) and it had its first run in the late 70s. This musical might be obscure to you all here, but it’s very famous in France!

Several songs are still well-known to this day and some singers who took part in the project became household names. A lot of younger people heard them somewhere, even though they might not know that they’re from this musical. It was my case 🙂

I got acquainted with the musical not that long ago when my partner decided to listen to it and got hooked. Coincidentally, I saw that they announced the dates for the tour and promptly booked tickets to see it. The musical was set to go on tour in 2020 but COVID delayed it twice…

The show took place at La Seine Musicale (article’s featured image) which is quite a big venue! I managed to book decent seats because I bought them quickly enough 😀

The public was very diverse age-wise, which was heartwarming. It’s really incredible how something can bring generations of people together. There were many families, with parents or grandparents who probably saw the musical in its previous runs!

The timelessness of the show is one of its strengths. The story is actually quite tragic and violent, but the themes are still frighteningly relevant today, despite being literally over 40 years old and the tweaks that the new version brings. (Wikipedia page if you’re interested to read more about it)

I was curious to know if there was any piece of work which makes you feel this way?

Needless to say that I really enjoyed the show and how it was directed. It’s hard to talk about it when I don’t have any picture to show… Taking pictures during the performance was prohibited, but I’ll just leave the trailer below so you can have a peek ↓↓↓

All the performers were truly awesome, mad props to them! I especially loved the 2022 Johnny Rockfort 😀 His voice (at the beginning of the trailer) is fairly different from his predecessors, but it has a certain roughness that hits the spot for me.

Anyway, I’ll end this part by leaving this iconic song for your ears 🙂 :

(The full musical in its previous versions is available on Spotify or YouTube)

Monthly Friend Nail Appointment

I don’t really know how to call this section… As I mentioned in my previous article, I do a friend’s nails every month! She comes over and we usually eat lunch together before our nail business 🙂

On that day, we ate raclette! For those who never heard of this, it’s basically melted cheese that you pour on boiled potatoes and charcuterie. My partner suggested that we buy the cheese at the local cheese shop instead of buying it at the supermarket this once. It was yummy and the texture looked less like plastic? (No shade on supermarket cheese, though) I ordered another box for this weekend, hehe!

My friend wanted Christmas themed nails! I used some red chrome powder on her nails before doing nail art and putting some snowflakes stickers (I was lazy to paint them lol). She usually browses Pinterest for inspiration before we meet up, so I ended up doing a mix of the stuff I’ve seen!

It’s always a pleasure to practice on her hands but challenging at the same time because of the short length that she wants to keep. It’s the first time I do a holiday-themed set too!

I feel like I’m getting better at doing nails for someone else than myself after each time, haha… (It’s the 4th appointment we have)

Our next appointment will probably be on January… December will be quite busy for me :'(

I can’t believe it’s already the end of 2022… A lot of exciting stuff has been planned and I can’t wait to tell you all about it in the next monthly recap!

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