• Too much stuff to pack

    Long time no update, I’m currently packing my things since I’ll be going back to France for winter break next Monday. The first semester ended and the dorms are progressively emptying themselves, everyone is going back home or travelling. I went shopping for gifts to…

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  • Panic in the kitchen!

    The smog made its come back a few days ago and it was pretty gross looking. The exceptionnal good weather we had during APEC is now long forgotten, it was too good to last anyway. Campus internet is crappy as ever and I have a…

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  • 北京欢迎了我

    Hi, it’s been a while. It’s been already almost 3 months that I’m here, in Beijing! Everything is fine although I still have stuggle getting used to some things like people clearing their throats loudly to spit on the ground afterwards or cringy public toilets……

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