Panic in the kitchen!

The smog made its come back a few days ago and it was pretty gross looking. The exceptionnal good weather we had during APEC is now long forgotten, it was too good to last anyway. Campus internet is crappy as ever and I have a ton of homework I didn’t even start doing, uhh life hasn’t been easy recently.

We managed to join a Chinese cooking course with some of my friends in October via a cultural association on campus and last Saturday was the last lesson of the course. This course was very fun to attend and felt really gratifying! During each lesson, we experimented a different style of Chinese cuisine by making two famous dishes of that style then we got to eat the food we made afterwards. Nothing better than free lunch! Especially when you made it yourself, right?

Chinese cuisine is so vast, I thought I was knowledgeable enough on the subject before attending the course but not really in the end. I realized that the Chinese food I knew from my parents mainly and certainely only included Southern style dishes, especially from Guangzhou so I learned a lot from there. Here’s a few pictures of dishes we made ↓↓↓

Top (Shangdong style) : Candied Sweet Potatoes (拔丝白薯), Quick-fried Mutton Slices with Scallions (爆葱羊肉)
Bottom (Dongbei style): Stir-fried Potatoes with Eggplant and Green Peppers (地三鲜), Spring Rolls (春卷)

I sent pictures of every dish made to my mom and now she’s expecting me to cook when I come back home, haha!

After the last lesson, we made a stop to a German bakery in Liangmaqiao to eat some dessert, next time I need to find a real French bakery! (No, Paris Baguette isn’t French… Tous Les Jours isn’t either, they’re both Korean)

I had a slice of Donauwelle cake, I think it was some kind of marble cake with some cherries. It tasted good but it was maybe a bit dry though.

Recently I’ve been missing my PS3 but there’s nothing I can do about it. I should just find time to play some PSP games that need to be completed…

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  • Liv

    November 30, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    I think during APEC they put up restrictions on driving so that less pollution was created, and thus better weather could happen. When I visited Beijing last May the weather was spectacular. Blue skies every day except for the day I got there and the day I left.

    I think between Chinese food and Cantonese-style I prefer Cantonese. But true, Chinese cuisine is so vast I can’t be too quick to decide.

    Since you are in China maybe you should take advantage of the fact that you can play all the games you want for free. I’m sure there are lots of guys who know how to emulate … XD

  • shiki / alice

    December 9, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    first of all, welcome back! omg i miss stal–reading your blog (^_____^) lemme give you the most innocent smiley face ever (^_____________^)

    you’re not the only one with crappy campus internet. believe it or not, the internet bandwidth in my campus is locked after 7 am hence all of us will be tied to slow internet speed. the bandwidth will then be reopen after 19:00 (when the campus ground is less crowded wth). my teacher said that sometimes our internet is slow because the IT guy in campus use it to torrent naruto. TORRENT NARUTO. are you kidding me. -__-;;

    wait, what are you studying in beijing — why are you suddenly a chef– omg cooking class!! looks so fun~ though it’s not really an interest of mine (i’d rather eat than cook omfg 肥人的梦想 LOL) but i don’t mind learning how to at least cook rice. yes idk how to cook rice …i’m gonna rot alone in the future by eating cup noodles everyday.

    chinese cuisine is really broad but i can only remember few out of 8 (there are a total of 8 categories right): shanghai, cantonese, szechuan and fujian. though i hate the rude citizens in china, i like their food. cantonese offer the best in dim sum/yumcha imo. like, when i eat dim sum in china and then i eat the dim sum in indonesia, the one in indonesia tastes blah all of a sudden 🙁 it’s decent but not as superb as the original, y’know. i love szechuan’s too since they tend to be spicy. there are lots of fujian in indonesia since the chinese-indonesian fusion here is pretty bold. the heritage is still so prominent here.

    ugh the food you cooked looked so tasty. i’m half crying half drooling TTATT the thing with chinese cuisine is that, they’re always or at least tend to be very oily. since i’m kinda afraid of oil, sometimes they make me feel greasy … but at the same time, their seasoning is bold which makes it delicious. sigh. this is why i go full on pig when i’m in china.

    HAHA TOUS LES JOURS. i still laugh when some people think tous les jours is french. the name, yes; the brand? nope LOL. the tous les jours here have that endorsed kpop guy’s face printed big it’s hilarious :)) i love tous les jours though; their bread is the only one i’m always up for spending. good quality too, imo.

    if you don’t play your ps3, you should probably give it to me so i can play it (and overheat it)

  • amano

    January 13, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    You you you! You make me hungry!

    It’s good to have some extra knowledge LOL. Honestly, I can’t cook all the food you mentioned up there. HAHAHA!

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